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Secure sensitive information with Kubernetes Secrets

A Kubernetes Secret allows you to securely store and consume sensitive data in your Kubernetes cluster.

Add a TLS certificate and key

  1. Encode your certificate and key with base64.

  2. Add the encoded certificate and key to the Data field of the Secret as “<myCert>.crt” and “<myKey>.key”.

      tls.crt: <base64-encoded_cert>
      tls.key: <base64-encoded_key>

See also

See the Kubernetes documentation: Distribute Credentials Securely Using Secrets.

Pull an image from a private Docker registry

The Kubernetes documentation covers this topic well:

Secure your BIG-IP credentials

Create a generic Kubernetes Secret to secure your BIG-IP login information.

Create a secret for your BIG-IP login credentials
user@k8s-master:~$ kubectl create secret generic bigip-login --namespace kube-system --from-literal=username=admin --from-literal=password=admin
secret "bigip-login" created

Verify that a Secret exists

If using standard Kubernetes, see the Kubernetes Secrets documentation.

If using OpenShift, see the OpenShift Secrets documentation.