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Troubleshoot Your Kubernetes Deployment

BIG-IP Controller

iApp traffic group configuration error

When deploying an iApp with the BIG-IP Controller for Kubernetes and OpenShift, the iApp may create a virtual IP in the wrong traffic group. If this occurs, you will see an error message like that below.

Configuration error: Unable to to create virtual address (/kubernetes/ as part of application
(/k8s/ because it matches the self ip (/Common/selfip.external)
which uses a conflicting traffic group (/Common/traffic-group-local-only)

If you’ve seen this error, you can override or change the default traffic-group as follows:

  • Set the specific traffic group you need in the iappOptions section of the virtual server F5 Resource definition.
  • Preferred Set the desired traffic group as the default for the partition you want the BIG-IP Controller to manage. This option doesn’t require Kubernetes/OpenShift to know about BIG-IP traffic groups.
"trafficGroup": "/Common/traffic-group-local-only"