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Getting started

This document explains how to begin using the F5 Ansible modules.

Note: F5 Ansible modules are not currently supported by F5.

Install Python

Install the latest version of Python (2.7 minimum) if you do not already have it.

Install Ansible

Then, install Ansible (2.2.0 minimum):

F5 recommends that you install Ansible by using virtualenv/pip. For an example, see Install Ansible by using virtualenv.

Install Ansible Dependencies

In addition to Ansible, you should install a few additional Python modules.

  • f5-sdk
  • bigsuds
  • netaddr
  • deepdiff

At minimum, you should add f5-sdk.

You can install these by using pip (either globally or within a virtual environment), for example:

(myansible) $ pip install f5-sdk bigsuds netaddr deepdiff

To view dependencies for a specific module, view the module’s Documentation > Requirements section.