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Version support

F5 develops the Ansible modules in tandem with the REST API, and newer versions of BIG-IP provide better support.

F5 has tested these versions of BIG-IP with the Ansible modules:

  • 12.1.0
  • 12.0.0
  • 11.6.0

You may need a later version, depending on what the REST functionality needs.

Note: F5 Ansible modules are not currently supported by F5.

Get assistance

If you need help with anything related to these modules, F5 recommends that you open an issue on github.

When communicating with F5 on the Issues page, use the github user interface, rather than email.

You should not expose the name of your company when communicating an issue in a public forum.

If you need more in-depth technical assistance, you’re free to ask us to ping you offline and we can handle things there.

Credentials and secret things

You should not expose credentials in a github issue.

We do not need any of the following task arguments to debug your issue:

  • user
  • password
  • server
  • server_port

When you submit an issue:

  • Do not provide this information (leave it empty with quotes “”)
  • Provide placeholders for this information (such as “admin”, “secret”, and “”)

F5 does not need this information to provide you with assistance.

Is a module supported?

Remember that, ultimately, this repository contains experimental code.

However, with that said, there is a quick way to figure out if a particular module works on a particular platform.

First, look for your modules in the tests/ directory.

Each module has a doc block which includes a “Tested platforms” section. For example:

# Tested platforms:
#    - NA

The above doc block tells you that F5 has not yet tested this particular module on any platforms. This is a fairly safe bet that the module is not complete yet.

Therefore, F5 does not recommend filing bugs against this module.

Here is another example:

# Tested platforms:
#    - 11.6.0
#    - 12.0.0

This module specifies the versions of BIG-IP that F5 has tested. Therefore, you can consider this module to be “complete” and ready for use.

You can file bugs against these modules.