BIG-IP versions

F5 does not currently support the F5 Modules for Ansible. However, the community provides informal support through a number of channels. For details, see Get help.

Use the F5 modules with BIG-IP version 12.0.0 and later, and BIG-IQ 5.4.0 and later.

F5 develops the Ansible modules in tandem with the REST API, and newer versions of BIG-IP provide better support for the REST API.

F5 does not back-port changes to earlier versions of Ansible.

Experimental vs. production modules

F5 modules are included when you install Ansible.

F5 modules are also in the F5 GitHub repository. You should consider these modules to be experimental and not production-ready.

However, if an experimental module’s DOCUMENTATION block has a completed Tested platforms section, then the module is likely complete and ready for use. You can file issues against modules that are complete.

# Tested platforms:
#    - 12.0.0