F5 Beacon FAQ

Q: Can I deploy Beacon on-premise?

No, Beacon is a SaaS offering.

Q: Can I get Professional Services for Beacon for a special project/effort?

Yes, contact F5 Professional Services.

Q: Is there RBAC in Beacon?

Not currently. It’s under consideration.

Q: What version of TMOS is Telemetry Streaming compatible with?

Telemetry Streaming supports TMOS 13.x and up. Beacon requires Telemetry Streaming version 1.5 or newer. Version 1.8 includes filtering capabilities useful for reducing load on BIG-IP and the size of the payload sent to Beacon. Version 1.10 includes additional filtering useful when sending AVR data to Beacon.

Q: How do I integrate BIG-IP’s Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR) module with Beacon?

AVR data can be routed to Beacon through Telemetry Streaming (TS). See TS documentation for details on configuring TS to consume AVR data. Beacon currently accepts AVR request log streams for virtual servers with an HTTP analytics profile configured.

Note that AVR can generate a significant amount of traffic. The TS listener can be configured with a filter to reduce the outbound traffic. The below example shows how to exclude data that includes an ‘Entity’ property not equal to either ‘VipStat’ or ‘OffboxAll’. The ‘OffboxAll’ messages include a number of latency and response time metrics as shown in the AVR request log. These metrics will be captured by Beacon and can subsequently be used to define application health or create new insights. Support for additional AVR data will be added in the future based on interest. This example requires TS version 1.10.

"My_Listener": {
  "port": 6514,
  "class": "Telemetry_Listener",
  "enable": true,
  "trace": false,
  "match": "",
  "actions": [
      "enable": true,
      "excludeData": {},
      "ifAllMatch": {
        "Entity": "^(?!VipStat|OffboxAll).*$"
      "locations": {
        ".*": {}

The data sent to Beacon is also dependent upon the configuration of the HTTP analytics profile. Collected entities will be used as tags on the metric data in Beacon.


Q: Who should I contact for help regarding F5 Cloud Services?

Visit the F5 Cloud Services Support page to see all of your support options.