F5 Beacon Pricing

Subscription Models

F5 Beacon is available via these subscription models:

  • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and is a month-to-month subscription charged monthly in arrears for services consumed.


F5 Beacon is priced based on the following metrics:

  • Number of Applications
  • Number of Custom Insights

Definition of metrics as defined in F5 Beacon:

  • Application: an application comprised of one or multiple components from one or many sources. Applications can be created via different pathways: manually (via API or GUI), automated (e.g. via orchestration tools) or auto-discovered (e.g. via integrations)
  • Custom Insight: an actionable insight based on analyzing any raw data stored in F5 Beacon or outside of it. Custom Insights are categorized as cost, operational, or security, and are created by customers either manually (via API or GUI), or via automated methods. Built-in insights are insights provided by F5 Networks and made available within the service. Built-in insights are provided at no cost.
  • Pricing Unit: either an Application or a Custom Insight. The number of Pricing Units is the sum of Applications plus Customer Insights. Each Application or Custom Insight represents one Pricing Unit.


Unless the parties agree otherwise in a separately executed agreement, fees for the Service (“Fees”) shall be based on the pricing published as noted below as of the initial period of the subscription date.

Number of Pricing Units

Subscription fees are charged monthly and is based on the high-water mark of the number of Pricing Units reached during the preceding month.

Per Pricing Unit $60 per month

Free Tier

A Free Tier is applied to all users but is most useful to those who wish to try the service without incurring any charges. If usage is kept below the tier thresholds no charges will be billed. Any usage beyond the free tier thresholds is charged at the normal rates. The free tier allows for:

  • Up to 2 Pricing Units

Pricing Example

This pricing example is for a customer with a combined high-water mark of 45 Pricing Units for the month of July:

  • 10 Applications
  • 35 Custom Insights
Month Max Pricing Units Tier Price/Unit Monthly Sub Total ($)
July 2 Free $0 $0
July 43 Paid $60 $2,580
Total $2,580


  • The above pricing does not include taxes.
  • No discounts or refunds are provided in the event of discontinued use of the service by the customer.