Release Notes: F5 Beacon


Beacon Releases Release Overview
January, 2020 Support for additional metric data. As part of this change, health values are stored in source- specific measurements (e.g. bigip-virtual, monitor, uptime-robot, beacon-health-source). In each case, there will be source and name tags identifying the health source. When defining applications via the declare API, these measurements replace the BeaconHealth measurement.
November, 2019 Initial release where Beacon became generally available.


Issue Fix Release Description
OV-1631 Feb 26, 2020 Sources can now be deleted via API or UI; delete is by name/type instead of ID
OV-1632 Feb 26, 2020 Relationship between sources and tokens is again working/visible

Known issues

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release.

Issue Description
OV-1664 Edit app: “Saved successfully” message displays when drilling into an app for editing
OV-1665 Create/edit app: Move node button should be disabled when there are two application nodes

Additional information

You can find additional support resources and technical documentation through a variety of sources: