Release Notes: F5 Beacon


June 2020

  • A new monitor creation workflow is now available via the portal. You can create, update and delete monitors from the portal.
  • Applications can be created or updated by supplying a declaration in the JSON Configuration view.
  • DNS monitors are now supported via API.

May 2020

  • Insights can now be added to dashboards.
  • Improvements to Application Landscape to simplify navigation.
  • Enhanced capabilities for defining application health via API.

April 2020

  • Application map styling was updated.
  • Latency metrics are now displayed in the application slide panel when a monitor is attached to the application root.
  • Ability to Create Custom Insights via the Portal, enabling customers to analyze metrics data (stored on Beacon or outside of it) and generate insights using multiple visualizations.

March 2020

  • Application/Component Inventory pages are replaced with the Application Landscape, allowing applications to be presented in either a map or list view.
  • Metrics for components that use an F5 health source (BIG-IP, BIG-IQ, monitors or DNS Load Balancer), can now be viewed from the application slide panel.
  • All events for all components of an application are displayed under “Events” in the application slide panel.

February 2020

  • A new application creation workflow is now available via the portal. You can create, update and delete applications from the UI.
  • New example custom insights published to F5 Beacon GitHub repo - 1) Measure and report on network packet drop using Telegraf Ping, and 2) Cost Insight for AWS Billing
  • Ansible integration updated and published to F5 Beacon GitHub repo
  • Applications can be associated with insights using API or portal.
  • Backend consolidation of all health telemetry data for ease of query and aggregation
  • Telegraf sources appear in the Sources page.
  • Sources can be removed via the portal.
  • Updated Postman collection

January 2020

Support for additional metric data. As part of this change, health values are stored in source-specific measurements (e.g. bigip-virtual, monitor, uptime-robot, beacon-health-source). In each case, there will be source and name tags identifying the health source. When defining applications via the declare API, these measurements replace the BeaconHealth measurement.

November 2019

Initial release where Beacon became generally available.


Issue Fix Deployed Description
OV-2012 June 9, 2020 Creating an application with a duplicate name fails with an appropriate error message
OV-1959 May 13, 2020 After opening the navigation window, clicking off the menu no longer navigates away from the current page
OV-1990 May 13, 2020 Tooltips now render correctly in Safari in the Map View of the Application Landscape
OV-2037 May 13, 2020 JSON View now works for new, unsaved applications
OV-1945 May 6, 2020 Map View updates automatically after adding an app
OV-2009 May 6, 2020 Changing the interval for a monitor takes effect immediately
OV-1940 Apr 29, 2020 Telegraf sources are now listed on the Sources page
OV-1787 Apr 8, 2020 “Event Info” no longer overflows the Events section in the Applications slide panel
OV-1737 April 2, 2020 App maps in the create app workflow now renders properly in Safari
OV-1897 April 2, 2020 Insights with large Markdown content are now fully visible via scrolling
OV-1664 March 3, 2020 Save success message no longer displays when drilling into app for creating/editing
OV-1739 March 3, 2020 Components now report health with Datadog as health source
OV-1772 March 3, 2020 Health settings can now be set for the root app component when creating app
OV-1631 Feb 26, 2020 Sources can now be deleted via API or portal; delete is by name/type instead of ID
OV-1632 Feb 26, 2020 Relationship between sources and tokens is again working/visible
OV-1557 Feb 13, 2020 Dashboard now renders when referencing non-existent app map
OV-1595 Feb 13, 2020 Components now reporting health with Uptime Robot as health source

Known issues

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release.

Issue Description
OV-1898 Dashboard widget export capability not displaying intermittently

Additional information

You can find additional support resources and technical documentation through a variety of sources: