Release Notes: F5 DNS Cloud Service

Product description

DNS Cloud Service is a secondary authoritative DNS SaaS solution. It provides inherent DNS redundancy, built-in DNS-targeted DDoS protection, automatic failover, and more, and it’s all built on a global anycast network to provide highly available and responsive DNS in any location.

DNS Cloud Service Releases Overview of current release
GSLB_GA (September, 2019) This is the general availability with full UI and API interaction for the DNS Load Balancer Service.
Cloud Services platform GA-0 (March, 2019) The GA-0 release builds on the Preview 1 release, adding official subscription mechanisms in the AWS Marketplace.
DNS Preview 1 (January, 2019) In this full-function preview, the DNS Cloud Service serves as a secondary authoritative DNS service with global distribution and automatic scaling, so it can serve as a backup to your primary DNS services.
DNS Preview 0 (November, 2018) Initial preview release with starter functionality


Issue Fix Release Description
F5CSDNS-271 DNS Preview 1 Subscription succeeds even when the zone transfer fails
F5CSDNS-275 DNS Preview 0 IPv6 Address gives error on short notation
F5CSDNS-501 GSLB_GA Update Name Servers in API
F5CSDNS-520 GSLB_GA Console page: number of zones is not updated when user switches between accounts

Known issues

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release. If a known workaround exists, that information appears in the Notes column with additional information about the issue itself.

Issue Description
F5CSDNS-251 Primary IP Validation Needs to Prevent Leading Spaces on API side
F5CSDNS-358 AXFR intermittently fails when multiple master servers are configured for the subscription
F5CSDNS-393 No alerting mechanism for Zone Transfer Failure from primary DNS servers
F5CSDNS-400 DNS activation errors out with ipv6 master server address
F5CSDG-827 Zone is only being reloaded when the ttl expires, but the display is pulling a copy (AXFR) of the zone in real-time. Workaround: Delete the zone and then add it again. This will force a reload.

Getting help for F5 Cloud Services

Additional information

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