About F5 Device ID+

F5 Device ID+ is a real-time, high-precision device identifier that utilizes advanced signal collection and proven machine learning algorithms to assign a unique identifier to each device visiting your site. Deployment is simple, with immediate benefits for the security, networking, fraud, and digital teams. Never has understanding the unique devices visiting your applications been so easy.

Device ID+ leverages 1JS for the data collection. 1JS is a lightweight JavaScript deployed asynchronously on the web pages of the application. This JS collects all the required data fields, makes a client-side API call, the unique device identifier is generated, and a response is sent back. The response contains two identifiers that are written in the cookie, and the origin server can consume this cookie.

F5 recommends deploying 1JS on all the web pages of your application.

The diagram below shows the basic data flow for Device ID+.


Device ID+ data flow:

  1. During page load, 1JS is loaded asynchronously to collect all the required telemetry with minimum performance impact.
  2. 1JS sends an API request with telemetry to the Device ID+ service on the F5 cloud. The device identifiers are computed on the F5 cloud and sent back to the client in the API response.
  3. 1JS writes the response in a cookie.

Getting Started with Device ID+

Deploying Device ID+ is as simple as adding a JavaScript tag to your website using a few simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to Device ID+
  2. Onboard your application with Device ID+
  3. Deploy Device ID+ (there are serveral options to choose from, inlcuding JavaScript, BIG-IP, and Silverline)

For details on these steps and more, see the Getting Started with Device ID+ article in the knowledge center.