Release Notes: F5 Cloud Services

Product description

F5 Cloud Services are a set of enterprise-grade SaaS services for network administration, security, and application delivery. F5 Cloud Services are optimized for cloud-native applications and microservices.


Cloud Services Releases Overview of current release
GSLB_GA (September, 2019) This is the general availability with full UI and API interaction for the DNS Load Balancer Service.
F5CS_V1.0.4 (June, 2019) This is part of the GSLB Preview 1 release that fixes bugs in the Cloud Services platform.
Cloud Services platform GA-0 (March, 2019) The GA-0 release builds on the Preview 1 release, adding official subscription mechanisms in the AWS Marketplace.
DNS Preview 1 (January, 2019) This preview release provides full support for the DNS Cloud Service.
DNS Preview 0 (November, 2018) Initial preview release with starter functionality.


Issue Fix Release Description
F5CSFE-796 DNS Preview 1 If a user clicks the Back button after getting the zone file for a new DNS zone, the zone fails to deploy
F5CSFE-909 DNS Preview 1 Portal can get into a redirect loop when attempting to log in [intermittent]
F5CSFE-912 DNS Preview 1 Number of zones in DNS services is summarized incorrectly when a user switches between different accounts
F5CSFRWK-408 DNS Preview 1 Phone number cannot be updated
F5CSFRWK-429 DNS Preview 1 Invited existing user cannot confirm invitation via UI if email contains +
F5CSFRWK-436 DNS Preview 1 Limited/privileged user can invite limited/privileged users to the owner’s account.
F5CSFRWK-474 GA-0 [Account Management] Creating a user without an associated account causes problems in the UI
F5CSINFRA-946 DNS Preview 1 DNS query count is inconsistent with the backend in the API and GUI
F5CSPF-289 GA-0 Emails are case sensitive
F5CSPF-408 GA-0 Phone number cannot be saved, phone number field will always be empty
F5CSPF-429 GA-0 An invited user cannot accept the invitation if his or her email address contains a plus (+) sign.
F5CSPF-474 GA-0 Creating user without assigned account causes portal UI oddities
F5CSPF-616, F5CSFE-859 F5CS_V1.0.3 The phone number field does not permit enough characters in a phone number to include the country code.
F5CSPF-683 GA-0 Enable users to view the list of IP addresses to add to allowlist for zone transfers. For the list of IP addresses, see Working with F5 DNS Cloud Service.
F5CSPF-704 GA-0 Number of zones in DNS services is summarized when user switches between different accounts
F5CSPF-709 GA-0 Your F5 Cloud dashboard does not show 90 day total
F5CSPF-710 GA-0 The Deploy button should become active only after the system properly acquires the zone file.
F5CSPF-716 GA-0 When you update information about an organization, you must log out and log back in to see your changes in the interface.
F5CSPF-717 GA-0 The cancel button intermittently doesn’t close the sliding panel when the form is invalid in IE
F5CSPF-890 GA-0 User’s email should be able to be changed
F5CSPF-942 GA-0 Display the last successful zone transfer to customer
F5CSPF-948 GA-0 Need to provide more accurate DNS deployment status
F5CSPF-1032 11-27-19 UI: Sorting doesn’t work properly in some data columns: dns, users
F5CSPF-1053 F5CS_V1.0.3 The service state gets stuck on “UNDEPLOYING” if the new zone was never deployed
F5CSPF-1128, F5CSPF-1129 F5CS_V1.0.3 Metering - ListStatuses endpoint should return tier information in addition to uom for each period
F5CSPF-1163 GA-0 The data on the console page is wrong until it is refreshed
F5CSPF-1625 GSLB_GA Number of total DNS zones/GSLB services on console page doesn’t include zones/services from divisions

Known issues

The following table describes known issues for which resolutions are in development and will be available in a future release. If a known workaround exists, that information appears in the Notes column with additional information about the issue itself.

Issue Description
F5CSPF-613 User can’t have different roles in different divisions
F5CSPF-974 No scroll bar for the account list after login
F5CSPF-1037 Portal limited to a maximum of 20 divisions – Errors if exceeded
F5CSPF-1045 When an owner user deletes an invited user from their organization but not from their divisions, only the invited user’s organization membership is deleted

Getting help for F5 Cloud Services

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