F5 Cloud Services Support Policy

Remote technical support is available for all F5 Cloud Services customers.

If you are interested in additional, more tailored support options, please contact your F5 account manager, or reach out to the Cloud Services Sales team (F5CSSales@f5.com)

Our Commitment

We are constantly striving to improve our service and create closer customer relationships. You can expect consistent, professional, high-quality service from F5 Cloud Services Support, which means:

  • We expect our Support Engineers to conduct themselves professionally at all times
  • We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible
  • You will be treated with respect and given every consideration possible
  • Our goal is to provide our customers with resolutions the first time, every time
  • You can request manager escalation for unresolved or unsatisfactorily handled issues

Scope of Support

F5 Cloud Services support is designed to remotely assist you with Cloud Services break-fix issues. Technical support is limited to active F5 Cloud Services customers.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Services, have questions about specific features or capabilities, please contact your F5 Account Team or the F5 Cloud Services Sales Team (F5CSSales@f5.com).

For assistance with onboarding, planning, design, deployments, upgrades, migrations, optimization, and application verification, please contact F5 Professional Services.

Additional assistance is also available from the active community of F5 Cloud Services users and experts worldwide participating in the F5 DevCentral community portal (note that a DevCentral login is required to post questions).

Support Hours

F5 Cloud Services support hours are built around your core business hours. We staff F5 Cloud Services Support Engineers continuously, 24 x 7 x 365. Regardless of where your offices are located, technical support is available during your business day.

F5 open-source projects on GitHub

Customers may wish to leverage open-source projects and labs created by F5 Cloud Services and posted on GitHub. Community assistance (which may include assistance provided by F5 employees) can be obtained by filing an issue in the GitHub project. The SUPPORT.md file for each project may list additional ways of obtaining community support.

Information Needed When Submitting a Ticket

You can submit a ticket via email or by telephone. Providing the following information will ensure that your issue is resolved as efficiently as possible:

  1. Email address of Cloud Services account owner.
  2. Which Cloud Service is impacted?
  3. When did the problem start?
  4. Please provide more details about the impacted service:
    • For DNS: Zone Name
    • For DNS Load Balancer: Service name
    • For Essential App Protect: Application display name and Subscription ID
    • For Beacon: Application name
  5. Description of problem and symptoms (e.g. screenshot of error message)
  6. Please provide the JSON configuration for DNS Load Balancer and/or Essential App Protect, if available.

Case severity and response times

F5 Cloud Services aggressively pursues fast response times for all incoming cases. If a technician is not immediately available to help you, a Customer Care Representative will log your call in our case response system, and you will receive an email with a case number.

F5 Cloud Services Support upholds the following case severity definitions and target response times to ensure that the appropriate resources are used to resolve all technical issues as efficiently as possible.

Initial response is defined as the time from when the F5 Cloud Services case was created to when a Cloud Services Support Engineer first attempts to contact you for troubleshooting, then updates the case log to reflect this action.


Initial Response: 15 minutes

Site or service impacting incident with total or partial outage

F5 will endeavor to respond to Severity 1 issues within 15 minutes. Understanding that unforeseen events could delay attempts, F5 expects that most Severity 1 issues will be responded to within this service level.

Security Issue:

Critical business impact due to an attack or vulnerability

For Severity 1 issues, F5 Cloud Services Incident Management response is set in motion to ensure any downtime or risks are mitigated in the fastest and most efficient way.


Initial Response: 15 minutes

Degraded services where site/service is functional but high-level business activities are impaired.

Security Issue:

Severe business impact due to an attack, vulnerability, compliance, or data at risk.


Initial Response: 4 hrs

Degraded services where the site and/or service is functional, but the site and/or service elements are impacted or impaired.

Security Issue:

Potential or partial business impact related to mitigation, audit results or vulnerability.


Initial Response: 24 hrs

General questions and troubleshooting of non-critical F5 Cloud Services issues. Requests for service functionality or features which are not currently part of the solution.

Security Issue:

General security related questions and/or concerns which are not related to an immediate need.

System Status

Cloud Services offers a system status page that shows both live and historical data on system availability. The page offers overview information as well as detailed information by service, and you can view and track individual incidents.

You can also subscribe to updates, so you are notified about scheduled maintenance windows and when an incident occurs.

Please visit our F5 Cloud Services System Status Page to subscribe.