About the F5 Integrated Bot Defense Cloud Service

Integrated Bot Defense (IBD) protects your web properties from automated attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious bots. IBD uses JavaScript and API calls to collect telemetry and mitigate malicious users without re-routing traffic through a proxy server. IBD is a standalone solution that integrates with existing components in your infrastructure. The integration process is simplified with an integration module that F5 provides, and you deploy and configure. Once IBD is integrated with your environment, you can view and filter traffic and transactions to see which users are malicious and how they’re being mitigated.

The diagram below shows how IBD works at a high level:



Integrated Bot Defense is available to F5 customers as a Preview Service. To request access, go to the F5 Cloud Services home page and in the Integrated Bot Defense card, click Request Early Access.

Getting Started with Integrated Bot Defense

For more information on using Integrated Bot Defense, see Getting Started with Integrated Bot Defense.