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What’s New with F5 in the cloud?

What’s new in January, 2018? Check out these 10 recent cloud features you should be aware of.

#10 - BIG-IP VE in IBM Cloud for VMware

You can now use BIG-IP VE in the IBM Cloud. Use the wizard to deploy two BIG-IP VEs in a configuration that’s ready to configure for failover.

#9 - AWS Competency accolade

Amazon Web Services gave F5 two competency accolades.

  • One accolade was an AWS Security Competency for ASM (F5’s Web Application Firewall)
  • And one was an AWS Networking Competency for LTM

F5 is one of just a handful of companies to achieve both of these accolades.

#8 - OpenStack templates

This is the first of many improvements to the cloud solution templates.

Recent updates to the BIG-IP VE templates for OpenStack include:

  • Multi-NIC (you can now have up to 10 NICs)
  • No license requirement (previously you entered a license before deploy)

To learn more:

#7 - BIG-IP VE without a public IP address

For AWS and Azure, the standalone (single and multi-NIC) templates now include the ability to launch an instance of BIG-IP VE without associating a public IP address.

This means that your BIG-IP VE instance has no ingress external access and you can manage the BIG-IP VEs and perform ADC functions in a private network environment.

#6 - Multiple high availability methods for Azure

You can now use templates to configure two different methods of highly-available BIG-IP VE in Azure.

Method 1: Azure load balancer sends the traffic

This method fails over faster than the other method, and does not require you to store the Azure service principal on BIG-IP VE.

With this method, the template configures an Azure Load Balancer (ALB) and/or Azure Internal Load Balancer (ILB), which forwards traffic to BIG-IP VE.

On one of the BIG-IP VEs, you create a network virtual server. The virtual server destination matches the range of private IP addresses for all Azure IP configurations in the load balancer back-end pool.

This virtual server is synced to both BIG-IP VEs.

The ALB or ILB probes the BIG-IP VEs, determines which one is Active, and sends traffic to it.

Method 2: BIG-IP VE reassigns the virtual IP

This method does not include an Azure load balancer, and so you do not need to manage any Azure load balancing rules.

In this method, on one of the BIG-IP VEs, you create a host virtual server, which is one private IP address. This virtual server is synced to both BIG-IP VEs.

Traffic to the virtual server goes to the Active BIG-IP VE. When its status changes to Standby, a script reassigns the private IP address to the Active BIG-IP VE.

#5 - BIG-IQ licensing support for autoscaling

You can now use a BIG-IQ device to license BYOL BIG-IP VEs when you are running an auto scaled WAF or auto scaled LTM.

When BIG-IP VE instances launch and terminate, BIG-IQ handles the licensing for the instances.

When an instance launches, BIG-IQ licenses it. When an instance terminates, the license is revoked and can be re-used.

#4 - GovCloud template support documentation

AWS GovCloud users can now use the templates in the F5 GitHub repository.

For now, you must replace the AMI ID in the template with a GovCloud AMI ID.

For more information, see Deploy BIG-IP VE in GovCloud.

#3 - F5 modules for Ansible

Ansible is a tool that you can use to orchestrate BIG-IPs, including BIG-IP VEs.

F5 has created modules you can use to perform many BIG-IP management tasks, like creating pools and virtual servers, for example.

Ansible uses “playbooks,” which are YAML files that are close to human-readable, for example:

- name: Create node1
      host: ""
      name: "node-1"
      password: "admin"
      server: "big-ip01.internal"
      user: "admin"
      validate_certs: "no"
  delegate_to: localhost

F5 modules for Ansible are not officially supported, but F5 actively provides informal support.

#2 - Service Discovery iApp

If you have application servers in the cloud, you can use this iApp to automatically add your app servers to a BIG-IP pool.

This iApp is included whenever you use one of the F5 GitHub templates to deploy a BIG-IP VE.

#1 - Per-App VE

This license provides a lightweight BIG-IP VE for when you need a small instance type and low-to-moderate throughput.

It includes one virtual IP address (VIP) and three virtual servers, and you can get LTM only, or LTM plus ASM.

  • For more information, contact your F5 salesperson.