Deploy BIG-IP VE in GovCloud

To deploy BIG-IP VE in GovCloud, you will use a CloudFormation Template (CFT). You can get CFTs from the F5 GitHub site,

Each CFT on GitHub includes a list of BIG-IP VE images (for example, Good, Better, or Best for different throughputs, for each region).

The list of images does not include images for GovCloud.

In order to deploy a CFT in GovCloud, you must first update the CFT to include a list of GovCloud images (also called an Amazon Machine Images, or AMIs).

Step 1: Find the release you need

If you can’t use the latest version of the CFT and need an older version, complete the following steps.

  1. View this matrix and determine which release you need.

  2. Select the release Tag that corresponds to the template.

Step 2: Get the AMI ID

Choose from the following list of AMI IDs. Note the IDs you want to use. You will paste this text into the CFT in step 3.

BIG-IP VE 13.0.0, BYOL West-1

 "us-gov-west-1": {
    "Best": "ami-d260ecb3",
    "Better": "ami-0763ef66",
    "Good": "ami-7567eb14"

BIG-IP VE 13.0.0, Hourly West-1

  "us-gov-west-1": {
    "Best1000Mbps": "ami-9c61edfd",
    "Best200Mbps": "ami-a163efc0",
    "Best25Mbps": "ami-f862ee99",
    "Best5000Mbps": "ami-f961ed98",
    "Better1000Mbps": "ami-c460eca5",
    "Better200Mbps": "ami-df61edbe",
    "Better25Mbps": "ami-3762ee56",
    "Better5000Mbps": "ami-3662ee57",
    "Good1000Mbps": "ami-2363ef42",
    "Good200Mbps": "ami-9662eef7",
    "Good25Mbps": "ami-cb61edaa",
    "Good5000Mbps": "ami-7e62ee1f"

BIG-IP VE 12.1.2, BYOL West-1

  "us-gov-west-1": {
    "Best": "ami-8e67ebef",
    "Better": "ami-1862ee79",
    "Good": "ami-0560ec64"

BIG-IP VE 12.1.2, Hourly West-1

  "us-gov-west-1": {
    "Best1000Mbps": "ami-a161edc0",
    "Best200Mbps": "ami-9b62eefa",
    "Best25Mbps": "ami-af61edce",
    "Best5000Mbps": "ami-a261edc3",
    "Better1000Mbps": "ami-c267eba3",
    "Better200Mbps": "ami-e060ec81",
    "Better25Mbps": "ami-1061ed71",
    "Better5000Mbps": "ami-aa60eccb",
    "Good1000Mbps": "ami-7766ea16",
    "Good200Mbps": "ami-c166eaa0",
    "Good25Mbps": "ami-bebd32df",
    "Good5000Mbps": "ami-4d65e92c"

BIG-IP VE 11.6.2, BYOL West-1

  "us-gov-west-1": {
    "Best": "ami-816ee2e0",
    "Better": "ami-806ee2e1",
    "Good": "ami-6a69e50b"

BIG-IP VE 11.6.2, Hourly West-1

  "us-gov-west-1": {
    "Best1000Mbps": "ami-1d6be77c",
    "Best200Mbps": "ami-aa6ae6cb",
    "Best25Mbps": "ami-e46ee285",
    "Better1000Mbps": "ami-f16de190",
    "Better200Mbps": "ami-3568e454",
    "Better25Mbps": "ami-f26de193",
    "Good1000Mbps": "ami-f76de196",
    "Good200Mbps": "ami-e26ee283",
    "Good25Mbps": "ami-f66de197"

Step 3: Edit the CFT

Now update the CFT to include the GovCloud AMIs.

  1. Browse to the CFT. For example, for a 1-NIC, BYOL template, click supported > standalone > 1nic > f5-existing-stack-byol-1nic-bigip.template.

  2. Click the Raw button and save the file locally.

  3. Open the CFT in a text editor and find the Mappings section.

    "Mappings": {
     "BigipRegionMap": {
      "ap-northeast-1": {
       "Best": "ami-da9526bc",
       "Better": "ami-629b2804",
       "Good": "ami-9a9122fc"
      "ap-northeast-2": {
       "Best": "ami-05b81f6b",
       "Better": "ami-92bb1cfc",
       "Good": "ami-72b91e1c"
  4. After the “BigipRegionMap”:, select everything, including the bracket, until the Metadata line, and replace it with the contents of the AMI Map file you copied.

  5. Save the new file.

  6. Deploy the CFT template as you typically do. For example, you can:

    • Use the AWS CLI to deploy the template. See the individual README file for instructions.

    • Deploy by uploading the CFT in the AWS console.