The F5BigLogHslpub Custom Resource (CR) defines the various logging options such as format, protocol, distribution method, and the logging endpoints. The F5BigLogHslpub can be referenced by the F5BigLogProfile, F5BigPePolicy, and F5BigClassificationprofile CRs.

This document guides you through understanding, configuring and installing a simple F5BigLogHslPub CR.

CR Parameters


Parameter Description
name The name of the HSL publishing profile. This value is referenced by the Additional CRs listed below.
namespace The Kubernetes namespace the HSL publishing profile will install to.


Parameter Description
loadBalancingMethod Defines the load balancing mode used to distribute traffic across multiple pool members: ROUND_ROBIN (default), or RATIO_LEAST_CONN_MEMBER
pool.name A user defined name for the HSL logging pool.
pool.endpoint Specifies the IPv4 or IPv6 address and the service port of the logging endpoint: or [2002::10:30:2:220]:514.
syslog.name A user defined name for the syslog configuration.
syslog.format Specifies the logging format: rfc5424 (default), rfc3164, or legacy-bigip.
syslog.protocol Specifies the protocol to use when connecting to the logging endpoint: udp (default) or tcp.
syslog.distribution Specifies the distribution method used to send messages to pool members: adaptive (default) - connections to pool members are added as required to provide enough logging bandwidth. This can have an undesirable effect of logs accumulating on only one pool member when it provides sufficient logging bandwidth on its own. balanced - sends each successive log to a new pool member, balancing the logs among them according to the pool's load balancing method. replicate - replicates each log to all pool members, for redundancy.
syslog.pool Specifies the pool of logging enpoints to receive logging messages.


Ensure you have:

  • Installed a K8S Service object and application.
  • Installed the BIG-IP Controller.
  • A Linux based workstation.


Use these steps to install the example F5BigLogHslpub and F5BigLogProfile CRs, and the optional CNFs CRs. Each step offers a brief description of the example CR.

_images/spk_info.png Tip: Open a second shell to view the CNFs Event Logs while installing.

  1. Optional: The example F5BigLogHslpub CR specifies a remote servers with IP/port [2002::10:30:2:22]0:514, and the udp protocol. Copy and paste the example into a YAML file:

    apiVersion: "k8s.f5net.com/v1"
    kind: F5BigLogHslpub
      name: "cnf-hsl-pub"
      namespace" "cnf-gateway"
        - name: "hsl-pool"
           - "[2002::10:30:2:220]:514"
      - name: "syslog1"
        format: "rfc5424"
        protocol: "udp"
        pool: "hsl-pool"
  2. Install the F5BigLogHslpub CR:

    oc apply -f cnf-hsl-cr.yaml

    In this example, the BIG-IP Controller logs indicate the F5BigLogHslpub CR was added/updated:

    I0202 12:00:00.12347   1 event.go:282 Event(v1.ObjectReference{Kind:"F5Hslpub",
    F5Hslpub cnf-gateway/cnf-hsl-pub was added/updated
  3. The example F5BigLogProfile specifies firewall events such as aclMatchAccept and aclMatchDrop, and sends them to the remove logging server. Copy and paste the example into a YAML file:

    Note: The F5BigLogProfile CR will be referenced by the F5BigContextSecure CR.

    apiVersion: "k8s.f5net.com/v1"
    kind: F5BigLogProfile
      name: "cnf-log-profile"
      namespace: "cnf-gateway"
      name: "cnf-logs"
        enabled: true
          publisher: "cnf-hsl-pub"
            aclMatchAccept: true
            aclMatchDrop: true
            tcpEvents: true
            translationFields: true
  4. Install the F5BigLogProfile CR:

    oc apply -f cnf-log-cr.yaml

    In this example, the BIG-IP Controller logs indicate the F5BigLogProfile CR was added/updated:

    I0202 12:00:00.12348   1 event.go:282 Event(v1.ObjectReference{Kind:"F5LogProfile",
    LogProfile cnf-gateway/cnf-log-profile was added/updated
  5. Continue to the Additional CRs to begin using the F5BigLogHslpub profile.

Additional CRs

The F5BigFwPolicy can also be referenced by these CNFs CRs:

  • F5BigContextSecure - Full proxy TCP and UDP application layer gateway services.
  • F5BigAlgFtp - File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application layer gateway services.
  • F5BigAlgTftp - Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) application layer gateway services.
  • F5BigAlgPptp - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) application layer gateway services.
  • F5BigAlgRtsp - Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) application layer gateway services.


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