SSLO Devices List


This BIG-IQ API can get a list of all the BIG-IP’s which are provisioned with SSL Orchestrator (SSLO).

REST Endpoint: /mgmt/ap/query/v1/tenants/default/reports/SsloDevicesList


GET /mgmt/ap/query/v1/tenants/default/reports/SsloDevicesList

Query Parameters

The following parameters can be used as OData query options with this API.

Name Type Required Description
$devices string False Specifies the list of devices to query.
$filter string False Specifies a string or integer used to filter the results. You can filter based on one or more parameters.
$from string False Specifies time to start results. The default uses the values of “-5m” for from and “now” for to, which starts from 5 minutes before the current time and ends at the current time.
$orderby string False Specifies the sorting parameter and order to apply to results. You can sort by health, name, type, sslConfiguration, securityPolicy, numDevices, numServices or encryptionCount. The sort order can be ascending (asc) or descending (desc). The default value is “name asc”, which sorts by name in ascending order.
$skip number False Specifies the number of results in the ordered list to skip. The default value of skip is 0, meaning none are skipped and the results range from 1 to the top value.
$to string False Specifies time to end results. The default uses the values of “-5m” for from and “now” for to, which starts from 5 minutes before the current time and ends at the current time.
$top number False Specifies the maximum number of results in the ordered list. The default value is 10.

Request Parameters



HTTP/1.1 200 OK

The JSON in the response can include the following parameters.

Name Type Description
currentItemCount number Number of items returned for this page
items object Items in the results. Results reflect the device during the specified time interval.
     activeAlerts number Number of alerts to device currently active.
     address string Device’s IP address
     concurrentConnections number Average number of concurrent connections to device
     cpuUsage number Average CPU used
     encryptionCount number Average number of decrypted transactions per second
     health string Current health of device. Possible values: “Critical”, “Moderate”, “Good” or “Other”
     id string Device’s id
     location string Device’s logical location tag
     memoryUsage number Average memory used
     name string Device’s unique identifier
     newConnections number Average number of new connections to the device
     numServices number Number of services deployed to the device
     numTopologies number Number of topologies deployed to the device
     selfLink string Device’s url
     throughputIn number Average throughput in
     throughputOut number Average throughput out
     transactionsPerSecond number Average number of transactions per second
     rpmVersion string Device’s RPM version
     clusterName string Device’s cluster name
itemsPerPage number Number of items per page
pageIndex number Page index number for this result. The page index numbers are chronological.
startIndex number Item index number at which the results start. The item index numbers are chronological.
totalItems number Total number of items in results
totalPages number Total number of pages in results


Role Allow
SSL Orchestrator Manager Yes


GET to retrieve a list of BIG-IPs provisioned with SSLO

The following is an example of a response to a query with no specified parameters.

GET /mgmt/ap/query/v1/tenants/default/reports/SsloDevicesList


    "kind": "ap:compose:Report",
    "lastUpdateMicros": 178784101649,
    "result": {
            "totalItems": 1,
            "items": [{
                    "name": "",
                    "cpuUsage": 14.048034477233887,
                    "memoryUsage": 18,
                    "throughputIn": 4234.8966666666665,
                    "throughputOut": 4600.703333333333,
                    "concurrentConnections": 10.533333994547526,
                    "newConnections": 2.3233333333333333,
                    "transactionsPerSecond": 0,
                    "health": "Good",
                    "activeAlerts": 0,
                    "address": "",
                    "selfLink": "https://localhost/mgmt/shared/resolver/device-groups/cm-sslo-allBigIpDevices/devices/037a467e-aa72-4024-8961-aa4de6a44236",
                    "id": "037a467e-aa72-4024-8961-aa4de6a44236",
                    "location": "TLV",
                    "numServices": 4,
                    "numTopologies": 2,
                    "encryptionCount": 0.9833333333333333
            "itemsPerPage": 10,
            "startIndex": 0,
            "totalPages": 1,
            "pageIndex": 0,
            "currentItemCount": 1
    "requestDurationInMillis": 305