Welcome to the F5® BIG-IQ™ API page. The BIG-IQ 7.1.0 API is a well-documented REST API that provides a range of capabilities for scripting BIG-IQ workflows. Many BIG-IQ users may choose to script BIG-IQ workflows using public APIs to help make the deployment and management of applications on the BIG-IP system easier. For example, an application manager can use the BIG-IQ Public API in scripts to monitor, troubleshoot, modify, and largely manage their application throughout its lifecycle.

F5 supports the use of the BIG-IQ APIs as discussed in this documentation and also in the F5 Python SDK. BIG-IQ 7.1.0 includes new APIs to help you deploy, configure, and maintain F5’s BIG-IP. Unless the documentation states otherwise, the APIs introduced in BIG-IQ 6.0.1 and earlier versions, should continue to work with BIG-IQ 7.1.0 as before. Any of the BIG-IQ APIs may change and work differently in the future, unless described explicitly as stable APIs guaranteed not to change in the future.

These APIs follow the Representational State Transfer (REST) model for both public and private consumption. The REST model uses the web architecture of HTTP and the concept of exchanging resource state.

Precursory APIs: