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F5 Kube Proxy

The F5 Kube Proxy is a drop-in replacement for the standard Kubernetes kube proxy. It configures the F5 Application Services Proxy (ASP) in a Kubernetes cluster.

When using the ASP, be sure that the specified --proxy-plugin-port doesn’t conflict with any other port used in your host network namespace. Using a port of 1024 or greater ensures the ASP doesn’t need to be privileged.

Release Notes

Configuration Parameters

Parameter Type Required Default Description Allowed Values
–alsologtostderr boolean Optional false Log to standard error as well as files. true, false
–bind-address IPv4 Optional The IP address for the proxy server to serve on - set to for all interfaces). IPv4
–cleanup-iptables boolean Optional false If true cleanup iptables rules and exit.  
–cluster-cidr string Optional   The CIDR range of pods in the cluster. It is used to bridge traffic coming from outside of the cluster. If not provided, no off-cluster bridging will be performed. IPv4 CIDR
–config-sync-period duration Optional 15m0s How often configuration from the apiserver is refreshed. Must be greater than 0. {nn}m{nn}s
–conntrack-max int32 Optional   Maximum number of NAT connections to track (0 to leave as is).  
–conntrack-max-per-core int32 Optional 32768 Maximum number of NAT connections to track per CPU core (0 to leave as-is). This is only considered if conntrack-max is 0.  
–conntrack-tcp-timeout-established duration Optional 24h0m0s Idle timeout for established TCP connections (0 to leave as is).  
–healthz-bind-address IPv4 Optional The IP address for the health check server to serve on (set (set to for all interfaces). IPv4
–healthz-port int32 Optional 10249 The port to bind the health check server. Use 0 to disable.  
–hostname-override string Optional   If non-empty, will use this this string as identification instead of actual hostname.  
–iptables-masquerade-bit int32 Optional 14 If using the pure iptables proxy, the bit of the fwmark space to mark packets requiring SNAT with. range [0, 31]
–iptables-sync-period duration Optional 30s How often iptables rules are refreshed (e.g. ‘5s’, ‘1m’, ‘2h22m’). Must be greater than 0.
–kube-api-burst int32 Optional 10 Burst to use while talking with kubernetes apiserver.  
–kube-api-content-type string Optional “application /vnd .kubernetes .protobuf” Content type of requests sent to apiserver.  
–kube-api-qps float32 Optional 5 QPS to use while talking with kubernetes apiserver.  
–kubeconfig string Optional Set by master flag. Path to kubeconfig file with authorization information. file path
–log-backtrace-at string Optional “:0” When logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace. file_path:line
–log-dir string Optional   If non-empty, write log files in this directory. file path
–log-flush-frequency duration Optional 5s Maximum number of seconds between log flushes.  
–logtostderr boolean Optional true Log to standard error instead of files.  
–masquerade-all boolean Optional false If using the pure iptables proxy, SNAT everything.  
–master IPv4 Optional   The address of the Kubernetes API server (overrides any value in kubeconfig)  
–oom-score-adj int32 Optional -999 The oom-score-adj value for kube-proxy process. Range [-1000, 1000]
–proxy-mode string Optional iptables Which proxy mode to use: ‘userspace’ (older) or ‘iptables’ (faster). If blank look at the Node object on the Kubernetes API and respect the ‘net.experimental. kubernetes.io/proxy-mode’ annotation if provided. Otherwise use the best- available proxy (currently iptables). If the iptables proxy is selected, regardless of how, but the system’s kernel or iptables versions are insufficient, this always falls back to the userspace proxy. iptables, userspace
–proxy-plugin-port int32 Optional 10000 Port used to redirect service traffic to ASP for advanced processing. Must be available for ASP to bind to on the host.  
–proxy-port-range string Optional   Range of host ports that may be consumed in order to proxy service traffic. If unspecified (0-0) then ports will be randomly chosen. “beginPort- endPort”
–stderrthreshold int32 Optional 2 Logs at or above this threshold go to stderr.  
–udp-timeout duration Optional 250ms How long an idle UDP connection will be kept open. (e.g. ‘250ms’, ‘2s’). Only applicable for “proxy-mode= userspace”. Must be greater than 0
–v int32 Optional 0 Set the log level as a number. A higher value is more verbose.  
–version boolean Optional false Print version information and quit.  
–vmodule string Optional   Comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file- filtered logging.