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Release Notes for Marathon BIG-IP Controller


  • Capabilities
    • Can manage multiple BIG-IP partitions in the following environments
      • Apache Mesos/Marathon
      • Mesosphere DC/OS Enterprise
    • Manages the following LTM resources for the BIG-IP partition(s)
      • Virtual Servers
      • Virtual Addresses
      • Pools
      • Pool Members
      • Nodes
      • Health Monitors
      • Application Services
    • Auth0-based authentication for DC/OS Enterprise
  • Limitations
    • Command line parameter alternatives to the environment variables are not documented in the user guide.
    • Cannot share endpoints managed in the partition controlled by the Marathon BIG-IP Controller with endpoints managed in another partition.
    • iApp and virtual server parameters are not treated as being mutually exclusive. You should not specify both, otherwise the BIG-IP may be improperly configured.
    • The deployment of the controller will fail if the BIG-IP is not available when the controller starts.
    • Parameters other than IPAddress and Port (e.g. Connection Limit) specified in the iApp Pool Member Table apply to all members of the pool.
    • Health monitor timeout is not described in documentation
      timeout = (( maxConsecutiveFailures - 1) * intervalSeconds ) + timeoutSeconds + 1