Self Test

AS3 contains a useful self test so you can validate that it is functioning properly. The self test triggers the momentary deployment of a set of test declarations that come with the AS3 installation package, located in /var/config/rest/iapps/f5-appsvcs/selftest. The test has 4 phases:

  1. All tests deploy simultaneously as a multi-tenant declaration. Any deployment failure fails the test.
  2. iControl-REST pulls the resulting configuration, and compares its md5 hash to an expected value. Any variance fails the test.
  3. The system repeats the declaration to check idempotency. A result other than “no change” fails the test.
  4. The system erases the test configurations by blanking the tenant definitions in the declaration. Any deployment failure fails the test.

To run the self test, POST an open and closed bracket ({}) to the URI <BIG-IP IP address>/mgmt/shared/appsvcs/selftest

Once the test completes, you should see a result similar to the following:

        "message": "all tests passed",
        "selfTestRunTime": 9006

If an error displays, this is an indication that AS3 is not entirely compatible with your BIG-IP software version or module provisioning. This does not necessarily imply that you cannot use AS3 successfully.