Firewall_Port_List (object)

Declares a port-list for use by firewall rules. A firewall rule can match a packet’s source port or destination port against one of the ports in a port list, and can take some action (such as ACCEPT or DROP) for a matching packet.

Properties (* = required):

name type(s) default allowed values description
class* string   “Firewall_Port_List”  
label string   “^[^x00-x1fx22#&*<>?x5b-x5d`x7f]*$” Optional friendly name for this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding a few likely to cause trouble with string searching, JS, TCL, or HTML
portLists array     A list of other port lists (each by BIG-IP AS3 pointer or BIG-IP pathname).
ports array     A list of ports and port ranges (for example, 80, “8080-8090”).
remark string   “^[^x00-x1fx22x5cx7f]*$” Arbitrary (brief) text pertaining to this object. Allows 0-64 chars, excluding only control characters, double-quote, and backslash. This is permissive enough that you should worry about XSS attacks