Quick Start

Use this section to quickly get started using FAST templates. For more details, see Getting Started with FAST.


Use the following procedure to get started with FAST

  1. Download the FAST Extension (https://github.com/F5networks/f5-appsvcs-templates) to a location accessible from the BIG-IP.
  2. From the BIG-IP system, install the extension by navigating to iApps > Package Management LX. Click Import and then select the RPM you downloaded.


If you are using a BIG-IP version prior to 14.0, before you can use the Configuration utility, you must enable the framework using the BIG-IP command line. From the CLI, type the following command: touch /var/config/rest/iapps/enable. You only need to run this command once (per BIG-IP system). This is not necessary with 14.0 and later.

  1. Once the package is imported, you should now see f5-appsvcs-templates in the list of installed extensions.
  2. The extension’s UI can be found by navigating to iApps > Application Services > Applications LX
  3. Click F5 Application Services Templates to start using FAST.
    You will see a navigation menu at the top, and the list of AS3 applications on the BIG-IP (which will likely be empty on initial installation).
  4. To create an application, click the Deploy tab. A list of available templates displays.
  5. Click one of the template names, fill out the required fields, and then click Submit to deploy an AS3 application.

When you click the Application List tab, you will see the application you just deployed. From the Application List tab, you can modify the parameters or delete the application from this list.


If you manually modify a FAST tenant outside of FAST via TMSH, GUI, REST API for example, FAST will overwrite those changes the next time the FAST template modifies the tenant. See FAST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

For more details on using the UI, see Getting Started with FAST.