Programming an iApps LX Audit Processor

The audit processor identifies any configuration conflicts between an iApps LX block instance and another system configuration. By defining an audit policy (NOTIFY_ONLY, ENFORCE_CONFIGURED, ACCEPT_FOUND), the system knows to accept or reject any conflicts. The default policy is defined as NOTIFY_ONLY. A NOTIFY_ONLY policy will result in a log entry (/var/log/restnoded/restnoded.log). If you are using a customized GUI, you can configure a GUI notification to be displayed when a NOTIFY_ONLY policy is implemented. When the policy is configured to ENFORCE_CONFIGURED or ACCEPT_FOUND, the system is automatically updated with either the iApps LX block configuration (ENFORCE_CONFIGURED) or the other configuration (ACCEPT_FOUND), without any user notification.

About writing a JSON block for the Audit Processor

When configuring the audit processor, the following properties are defined in the JSON block template:

Audit Processor Properties
Property Type Description
auditProcessorReference Links to the audit processor
audit.intervalSeconds Interval (in seconds) in which the Block Audit Task Collection Worker initiates checking for any configuration conflicts. When null or <= 0 auditing is disabled
audit.policy Auditing policy
Audit Policy Properties
Property Type Description
NOTIFY_ONLY Notification posted to a log entry indicating that an out of band configuration was detected by the audit processor. This is the default policy setting
ENFORCE_CONFIGURED Enforce the input properties configured on the iApps LX block by rebinding the block so that any out of band changes are overwritten
ACCEPT_FOUND Accept the out of band change by accepting the changed input properties

The following is the default audit policy JavaScript code snippet:

"auditProcessorReference": {
  "link": ""
"audit": {
  "intervalSeconds": 0,
  "policy": "NOTIFY_ONLY"

For an example of an ENFORCE_CONFIGURED audit policy, see F5 iApps LX Basic Pool Management.

For an example of a configured audit processor code, see F5 iApps LX Basic Pool Enforce Configured Audit Processor.