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F5 Networks® OpenStack Heat Template Library


The F5® OpenStack Heat template library contains templates that can be used to deploy and/or configure BIG-IP® from within an OpenStack cloud.

The library contains two groups of templates:

Releases and Versions

Release 9.0.1 supports the OpenStack mitaka release.

For more information regarding releases and versioning, please see the Release, Versioning, and Support Matrix.


Any of F5®’s Heat templates can be downloaded, copied, and/or modified as needed to deploy resources in OpenStack.

Heat templates can be loaded via the OpenStack GUI, command line, or API. Please see the OpenStack Heat documentation for instructions.


Many of the templates require the F5® Heat plugins to be installed. Please see the project documentation for instructions.


Maintenance and F5 Technical Support of the F5 code is provided only if the software (i) is unmodified; and (ii) has been marked as F5 Supported in SOL80012344, ( Support will only be provided to customers who have an existing support contract, purchased separately, subject to F5’s support policies available at and