Task 1 – Provision the AVR module

  1. Determine which BIG-IP is the standby unit by looking at the status in the top-left corner of each of the BIG-IP GUI windows. Normally BIGIP2 should be the standby, but in some cases, you may find that BIGIP1 is the standby unit.

  2. First, on the standby unit, go to System >> Resource Provisioning

  3. For the Application Visibility and Reporting (AVR) module, check-mark the box under the Provisioning column, and ensure the Provisioning level is set to Nominal.

  4. Click Submit



    This procedure will cause services to be restarted on the BIG-IP and may cause interruption to the traffic that is passing through the unit. Hence, it is always recommended to perform this step during a maintenance window, and to start with the Standby unit first.

  5. Once the services have been restarted, click Continue.

  6. Repeat the above steps for the other (Active) BIG-IP unit. Note that when you do so, the Active unit will go into Standby state, and the other unit will take over as Active.