F5 WAF Tester Utility Installation

Before we begin with the web application firewall (WAF)/Application Security Module portion of the lab, you will need to install the F5 WAF tester. The F5 WAF tester is a very simple lightweight utility that you can use to test ASM policies against a range of known vulnerabilities.

Let’s minimize all current windows so we can see the desktop. Click on the WebApp Server link on the desktop.


You should be automatically logged in the CLI as shown below.


Next, install the tool using the following command:

sudo pip install git+https://github.com/aknot242/f5-waf-tester.git

Enter the password f5agility! if prompted.


Once installed, configure the WAF tester using the following command:

sudo f5-waf-tester --init

You will be asked a series of questions. Use the following values below; for all other values, leave the default value and simply press Enter:

[BIG-IP] Host []:

[BIG-IP] Username []: admin

[BIG-IP] Password []: f5agility!

Virtual Server URL []:

Your screen should appear as below:


With the tester configured, run the actual test with the following command:

sudo f5-waf-tester

You will see multiple tests running as shown below:


Once finished, you will see JSON output. Notice the last lines that show the failure count and zero successes.


As the failures in the output show, the Juice Shop application is quite vulnerable.

More verbose output is viewable in the “report.json” file located in the current directory.

In the next section, we will apply a web application firewall (WAF) policy that to protect the application.