Traffic Groups

Build a New Traffic Group.

You are now going to build an active-active cluster by creating a new traffic-group and forcing that traffic group to run on the Standby BIG-IP.

On your Active BIG-IP, go to Device Management > Traffic Groups and create a new traffic group called tg-2.

Place the www_vs in the new tg-2 traffic group.

Remember you place virtual address, not virtual servers, in a traffic group.

Go the Virtual Server List, note the IP address of www_vs and select Virtual Address from the top bar.

Under the Virtual Address select the traffic group you want to assign it to, tg-2.

Q1. When you did this, what other virtual servers were assign to tg-2?

On the Active BIG-IP, under Device Management select tg-2 note the Next Active Device and Force to Standby.

Q2. What are the states of you BIG-IPs?

Browse to and ftp to

Q3. Did the web site work? What was the client IP? Did ftp work? Why or why not?

It is important to get all the listeners that support an application into the same traffic group.

Go to your ftp SNAT pool and note the address, then go to the SNAT Translation List select the IP and place it in tg-2.

FTP to

Q4. Did it work now?