Test the WAF Policy by Replicating the SQL Injection Attack

  1. Now that the WAF policy is applied, retry the SQL injection attack to see if the attempt is blocked. Click on the Arcadia Finance (DIY) bookmark or navigate to https://diy.arcadia-finance.org/.
  1. Click the Login button to load the login screen.
  1. For the username, paste the following value:
' or 1=1-- '

and click Log me in.

  1. You should see the custom block page as shown below, showing that the attempt was blocked. Notice that, once again, a support ID is generated when the page loads. Select and copy this value so that you can search for it in NMS-SM.
  1. Return to NMS and navigate to Security Monitoring by clicking the drop-down in the top left of the screen and selecting Security Monitoring.
  1. You’ll be presented with the Security Monitoring landing page, as shown below:
  1. On the left menu, select Support ID Details.
  1. You’ll be prompted for your support ID.
  1. Enter your support ID into the search field and click the arrow to search.
  1. Once the security event has loaded, you can see details surrounding the violation that is blocking images on your app.

NGINX App Protect WAF is now enforcing protection for the site.