Module 6 - Advanced featuresΒΆ

In this class, we will advanced features offered by the latest NAP release.

  1. Bot Protection
  2. Cryptonice integration
  3. A.WAF/ASM Policy converter
  4. gRPC Protection

First of all, for this Class, it is important to un-deployed the NAP Ingress Controller deployed with Helm, because we will use the CentOS instance for the next 3 modules.


  1. SSH from Jumpbox commandline ssh ubuntu@ (or WebSSH and cd /home/ubuntu/) to CICD Server

  2. Run this command in order to delete the previous NAP Ingress Controller

    helm uninstall nginx-ingress -n nginx-ingress
    kubectl apply -f /home/ubuntu/k8s_ingress/deploy_policy_and_logs.yaml
    kubectl apply -f /home/ubuntu/k8s_ingress/ingress_arcadia_nap.yaml
  3. Now, re-deploy the NginxPlus Ingress without NAP

    kubectl apply -f /home/ubuntu/k8s_ingress/full_ingress_arcadia.yaml


In this lab, there are cert + keys to download the packages from official NGINX repo. It is forbidden to share them with anyone.