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Lab Information


All work for this lab will be performed exclusively from the Jumphost. No installation or interaction with your local system is required.

Lab Topology

The network topology implemented for this lab is very simple. Since the focus of the lab is Control Plane programmability rather that Data Plane traffic flow we can keep the data plane fairly simple. The following components have been included in your lab environment:

  • 2 x BIG-IPs (v13.1.x)
  • 1 x Linux Tool Box
  • 1 x Windows Jumphost
blockdiag Management Internal External BIG-IP DEV BIG-IP PROD Linux Tool Box Windows Jumphost

Network Addressing

The following table lists VLANS, IP Addresses and Credentials for all components:

Component Management IP VLAN/IP Address(es) Credentials
Windows Jumphost Internal: external_user/password
BIG-IP DEV Internal: External: admin/admin root/default
BIG-IP PROD Internal: External: admin/admin root/default
Linux Tool Box Internal: ubuntu/ubuntu