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HOWTO - Restore a BIGIP from UCS

This HOWTO document describes the changes required to restore a BIGIP in the Lab Environment

Situations from the lab may cause the need to restore a BIGIP, the lab is seeded with 3 UCS files per BIGIP (matching the modules) from different parts of Class 1.

Credential reminder: GUI: adminadmin SSH: rootdefault

Task 1 - Import the existing UCS into BIG-IP

UCS files are located in the in_case_of_emergency folder on desktop of the Linux Jumphost

Complete the following steps:

  1. Login to the BIG-IP GUI
  2. Click System -> Archives -> Upload
  3. Click Choose File find the desired UCS in the specified folder and open
  4. Click Upload

Task 2 - Use TMSH to restore the UCS

Because the dynamic license within this environment we must specify the no-license flag, which is only available via TMSH commands.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Open Root Terminal from the Desktop
  2. SSH in the BIGIP needing the UCS restore, example ssh root@
  3. Issue the tmsh command to switch shells
  4. To restore the specific UCS file issue the following command: load sys ucs (name_of_ucs) no-license