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Appendix - Things to do with the Extra Services BIG-IP

This lab environment contains an additional BIG-IP machine named “BIG-IP Extra Services” and has no specific use in the previously-described demo environment.


However, a BIG-IP can be a useful tool in an SSL Orchestrator environment. In most cases it just needs to be re-licensed and reconfigured on required networks. Building any tools is beyond the scope of the guide, but here is a quick list of things you can do with it.

  • Create a transparent proxy security service.
  • Create an explicit proxy security service.
  • Create an upstream routed path to serve as an alternate path to the Internet - this would test the ability to use the Proxy Select agent in the SSLO service visual policy to redirect flows through alternate gateways.
  • Create an upstream explicit proxy path - this would also serve to test the ability to use the Proxy Select agent for alternate explicit proxy gateway paths.
  • Create am additional web server to test inbound traffic flows.
  • Create an ADC between SSLO and the web server to more accurately test SSLO as an inbound gateway.