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Lab 7.1: Deleting a topology

Deleting a topology will also delete any relying Interception Rules. The deletion process performs a complex set of REST-based tasks, therefore only one topology can be deleted at a time. In the SSLO UI, select a topology and click the Delete button. Confirm that both the topology and respective interception rules are removed.

Deleting other objects

While deleting a topology also removes its respective interception rules, it does not remove the other objects - services, service chains, security policies and SSL settings. These can all be removed individually, however must be deleted in a hierarchical order. Once the topology and interception rules have been deleted,

  • SSL Settings can be deleted any time
  • Delete any unused Security Policies
  • Delete any unused Service Chains
  • Delete any unused Services

Deleting everything

To completely remove the SSLO configuration and start from scratch:

  1. In the SSLO UI

    • click Delete Configurations and then click OK.
  2. Under the iApps menu –> Application Services –> Applications LX

    • “un-deploy” any remaining SSL orchestrator objects. If using any other Guided Configuration engine (ex. Access GC), ensure that only SSLO objects are deleted here.
  3. Under the iApps menu –> Templates –> Templates LX

    • Delete all of the SSL Orchestrator templates.
  4. Under the iApps menu –> Package management LX

    • Delete the SSL Orchestrator package.


    The next time the SSL Orchestrator configuration menu is accessed, SSLO will automatically restore the on-box package.