WAF 141 - Getting started with WAF, Bot Detection and Threat Campaigns

This class will focus on a best practice approach to getting started with F5 WAF and application security. This introductory class will give you guidance on deploying WAF services in a successive fashion. This 141 class focuses entirely on the negative security model aspects of WAF configuration.

This is the 1st class in a three part lab series (141,241,341) based on: Succeeding with Application Security which closely maps to this visualization of layered Application Security.


Here is a complete listing of all F5 WAF classes offered at this years Agility.

  • WAF 111 - Protect yourself against the OWASP Top 10
  • WAF 141 - Getting started with WAF, Bot Defense and Threat Campaigns
  • WAF 241 – Elevated WAF Protection
  • WAF 341 – Advanced Protection and Positive Security
  • WAF 342 – WAF in a CI/CD pipeline

Following the Agility conference you can visit clouddocs.f5.com to continue your education and create your own test lab environment.

WAF 141 Table of Contents