Exercise 3.2 - Deleting a Web Application


Demonstrate deleting a Web Application with AS3 and the uri module.


Step 1

Using your text editor of choice create a new file called delete.yml:

Step 2

Enter the following play definition into delete.yml:

  hosts: lb
  connection: local
  gather_facts: false
  • The --- at the top of the file indicates that this is a YAML file.
  • The hosts: lb, indicates the play is run only on the lb group. Technically there only one F5 device but if there were multiple they would be configured simultaneously.
  • connection: local tells the Playbook to run locally (rather than SSHing to itself)
  • gather_facts: false disables facts gathering. We are not using any fact variables for this playbook.

Step 3

Append the following to the delete.yml Playbook.


- name: PUSH AS3
     url: "https://{{ ansible_host }}:8443/mgmt/shared/appsvcs/declare/WorkshopExample"
     method: DELETE
     status_code: 200
     timeout: 300
     body_format: json
     force_basic_auth: yes
     user: "{{ ansible_user }}"
     password: "{{ ansible_ssh_pass }}"
     validate_certs: no
  delegate_to: localhost

There is only three parameters that have changed from the previous exercise. - url has changed. Instead of ending with declare it now ends with the tenant name, which is WorkshopExample. - method has changed from POST to DELETE. - body has been removed. It is not required since we simply deleting this entire tenant.

Step 4

Run the playbook - exit back into the command line of the control host and execute the following:

[student1@ansible ~]$ ansible-playbook delete.yml

Playbook Output

The output will look as follows.

[student1@ansible ~]$ ansible-playbook delete.yml

PLAY [LINKLIGHT AS3] ***********************************************************

TASK [PUSH AS3] ********************************************************************************
ok: [f5 -> localhost]

PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************************
f5                         : ok=1    changed=0    unreachable=0    failed=0


The finished Ansible Playbook is provided here for an Answer key. Click here:.

Login to the web UI and make sure the Partition is removed.

You have finished this exercise.

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