2. ADC/LTM FunctionalityΒΆ

This module will focus specifically on BIG-IP LTM and provide the foundation for an operational model for both F5 deployment automation and Service Insertion with third party solutions (Cisco APIC, VMware NSX, AWS, etc). The solutions detailed here can be used independent of any third party products and are intended to show how deployment-centric automation can be achieved using existing F5 iApp technology. It is important to note that the Application Services iApp does not deploy any L1-3 connectivity config to the device. This is done by design because the expectation is that L1-3 config is performed by the user or by a third party system prior to L4-7 Application Service deployment.

To simplify this and future tasks when deploying an iApp from the BIG-IP GUI we will present the various field values in a table. To complete the task please enter/modify all values included in the table. If a specific value is not specified please do not modify the default value. You can also use the Find feature (Ctrl+F) of the web browser to find fields using the Field Name.

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