Multiple choices are available that the user can select, or a new value can be entered if the choices are not acceptable.


editchoice <name> [default "Default value"] [display <display hint>] { <choices> }


  • choices - required the available items that can be selected. This can be a list of strings or a TCL expression
  • default - the value presented as the default value if no value had previously been selected before. This can be a string or a TCL expression.
  • display - gives a hint to the renderer about how this element should be displayed. This can be “small”, “medium”, “large”, “xlarge”, or “xxlarge”


section example4 {
  editchoice poolselect tcl {
    set objs [tmsh::get_config /ltm pool]
    foreach obj $objs {
      append results [tmsh::get_name $obj]
      append results "\n"
    return $results
text {
  example4 "Pool Selection"
  example4.poolselect "Please select one or more pools, or enter a new pool name. "

Resulting UI presentation:

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