This does a “C” style include where the contents of the APL script are directly copied into the current document.


The target of include is the name of an APL script. not a file. The objects defined in f5.apl_common can be found in the /defaults/app_template_base.conf file.


include "<include_script>"


In this example, the yesno definition is being called from f5.apl_common and used in the template.
include "/Common/f5.apl_common"
section example11 {
  yesno use_ssl
text {
  example11 "SSL Parameters"
  example11.use_ssl "Offload SSL? "

the yesno object defined in apl_common is a simple choice command:
define choice yesno display "small" {"Yes", "No"}

Resulting UI presentation:
Another example of an include from apl_common:
define section ssl_section {
    noyes offload_ssl
    optional ( offload_ssl == "Yes" )
        choice cert default "default.crt" display "large" tcl { tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_ssl_certs }
        choice key default "default.key" display "large" tcl { tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_ssl_keys }

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