The message keyword allows providing extra text message within a section.


message <name> <message_text>


section example9 {
  message hello "Application X"
  optional ( hello == "NEVER_SHOW_THIS" ) {
    choice ltm_provisioned tcl { tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_provisioned ltm }
    choice wam_provisioned tcl { tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_provisioned wam }
  optional ( ltm_provisioned != "provisioned" ) {
    message sorry "We are sorry but you must license and provision the LTM module to use this template."
  optional ( wam_provisioned != "provisioned" ) {
    message wa_opportunity "Provisioning WAM will enable additional options in this template."
text {
    example9 "Welcome to the Application X template"
    example9.hello "This template supports:"
    example9.sorry "We're sorry:"
    example9.wa_opportunity "Additional features available:"

Resulting UI presentation:

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