Introduced : ARX V5.02.000 The ARXStatusType class defines the status types that can be returned by methods that return the status of an object or module.


Member Value Description
ARX_UNKNOWN 0 The status cannot be determined.
ARX_DISABLED 1 The object is configured but administratively disabled. This state may also occur if an object has sub-objects that have their own status and all of the sub-objects are either disabled or not currently operational.
ARX_ONLINE 2 The object and all sub-objects are enabled and fully operational.
ARX_DEGRADED 3 At least one sub-object is either disabled or not currently operational.
ARX_OFFLINE 4 The object is administratively enabled but not currently operational.
ARX_FAILED 5 The object is not operational due to component failures that require manual intervention.
ARX_UNINITIALIZED 6 The object is not fully configured.
ARX_PENDING 7 The operation has been scheduled to start but has not yet started.
ARX_STARTING 8 The operation is currently starting.
ARX_STARTING_FAILED 9 Starting the operation has failed.
ARX_STOPPING 10 The operation is currently stopping.
ARX_STOPPING_FAILED 11 Stopping the operation has failed.
ARX_STANDBY 12 The object is ready, but not currently in use.
ARX_SUSPENDED 13 The object perational but has been administratively suspended.
ARX_MIGRATING 14 The volume is currently migrating files.

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