Introduced : ARX V5.02.000 The FileChangeNotification Interface lets applications monitor and manage ARX file data storage activity.


Method Description Introduced
finish_notifications Complete the file change notification session established by FileChangeNotificationstart_notifications. If the caller does not call this function, the file change notification session will be automatically cleared after no requests received for an hour. ARX V5.02.000
get_notifications Retrieve file and directory changes that took place during the window of time defined by from_snapshot and to_snapshot. The caller may call this function repeatedly until there are no more file changes. When a fault occurs, the caller must discard the current session and start a new session. When the fault is not arxFaultFcnRescan or arxFaultFcnSessionRestart, the caller can resume from where they left off by providing the last received change_idx to the first get_notifications call in the new session. ARX V5.02.000
get_snapshot_definition Returns a list of snapshot definitions for a list of specified snapshots. ARX V5.02.000
get_snapshots Returns a list of snapshots for a notification rule. ARX V5.02.000
start_notifications Start processing file and directory changes. If the from_snapshot parameter is non-zero, then the changes that occurred between the creation time of the snapshot specified by from_snapshot and the creation time of the snapshot specified by to_snapshot will be processed. If the from_snapshot parameter is 0, then all files that exist in the snapshot specified by to_snapshot will be processed. This function creates a new file change notification session that the caller uses to get all file changes that occurred between from_snapshot and to_snapshot. The caller passes the returned session id to FileChangeNotification__get_notifications to get file changes and FileChangeNotificationfinish_notifications to complete the session. In case of error, this function generates a SOAP fault. ARX V5.02.000


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