Introduced : BIG-IP_v9.0
Gets a list of all pools.


String [] get_list(



Parameter Type Description

Return Type

Type Description
String [] The list of pool names.


Exception Description
Common::AccessDenied Raised if the client credentials are not valid.
Common::InvalidArgument Raised if one of the arguments is invalid.
Common::OperationFailed Raised if an operation error occurs.

See Also


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Sample Code

  • Adding or deleting a pool member - Using iControl proxy to add or delete a pool member
  • BIG-IP Configuration Visualizer - A Script to create images for Virtual Server Configuration.
  • BIG-IP Blogging - A CGI Script to return an RSS feed of the BIG-IP’s status.
  • Enable/Disable pool member - This Perl script will enable or disable all instances of a node address and port across all pools.
  • Enabling or disabling a pool member - Using iControl proxy to enable or disable a pool member
  • Java Object Ltm Pool - This Java class will wrap the iControl LTM Pool interface to make it look like an object.
  • Java Pool Member Control - This Java application allows for the graceful shutdown of a pool member. As an added bonus it also allows you to query pools. pool members. pool member status. and enable and disable the po…
  • NodeInitiator - A script to at members to a pool on a BIG-IP
  • Perl Add Pool Member - This sample perl application will illustrate how to add a member to a pool.
  • Perl PoolMember Monitor - This sample illustrates how to get and set a monitor association with a pool member.
  • PerlVipFromPool - This perl sample will find which virtual servers are using a given pool.
  • Perl Pool Monitor Instances - This example will query the Monitor Instances associated with the members of a given pool name. It will then group the results by member.
  • Pools In Rules - There currently isn’t a way to directly access which pools are referenced in iRules and which iRules reference pools. This sample solves that by pulling down all pools and rules and searches…
  • Pool Stats For 4x And 9x - This sample application will query both v4.x and v9.x BIG-IP devices for pool statistics. It makes use of the system version information to determine which platform it is and then makes appr…
  • Pool Toggle - The script takes command line arguments to log into a version 9 BigIP and either show all the pools and members. or enable|disable all of a specified pool’s members.
  • PowerShell App Automation - This is a Powershell iControl Sample illustrating how to automate the process of application pools and monitors for a given Application name and version.
  • PowerShell Pool Member Availability - This PowerShell script will query the status of the pool members for a specified poolname.
  • PowerShell PoolMember Ratio And Priority - This sample PowerShell script illustrates how to use the methods in the LocalLB::Pool interface to get and set the Ratio and Priority for a Pool Member.
  • Ps BIG-IP Interactive Shell - This sample application illustrates how to build an interactive shell to manage your BIG-IP.
  • Ps Icontrol Dashboard - This Powershell application will use iControl and the Google Chart API to build a monitoring dashboard.
  • ps Pool Lookup - This PowerShell application will do a reverse lookup for pools given a pool member definition.
  • Ps Pool Member Control - This application allows for the graceful shutdown of a pool member. As an added bonus it also allows you to query pools. pool members. pool member status. and enable and disable the pool members.
  • Ps Provision VE For Local Dev - This PowerShell script will illustrate how to deploy an application.
  • Ps Server Control - This PowerShell application will get and set the infamous three-way-toggle state (enabled. disabled. offline) for server objects.
  • Set Virtual Default Pool - This sample applications allows for modification of a Virtual Servers default pool
  • Toggle Pool Member - The script will toggle the state of a pool member. If no pool and member is specified. a list of it’s members and their states are displayed. For a valid pool member. the script will query t…
  • Virtual Server Pool Member Status And Control - This Windows app will allow you to view Virtual Server pools (or system wide pools) and control their members.

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