Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.5.0
A structure that specifies FIX profile sender tag class information. For sender tag class information, you provide a structure that specifies a mapping between a sender ID and a tag mapping data group. Sender ID (sender_id) is the value of tag 49. Tag mapping data group (tag_map_class) is an integer type data group (internal or external) which defines a tag substitution mapping. The FIX parser checks the message sender (tag 49 value). If it matches the sender ID of a SenderTagClass structure, the FIX parser will substitute the tags in the message with new tags defined in the data group. For example, if a structure is {“sender_1”, “data_group_1”} and data_group_1 defines that 10001 maps to 20001, then FIX parser substitutes 10001 with 20001 in all the messages sent by “sender_1” (where tag 49 = “sender_1” in the message).
Member Type Description
sender_id String A sender’s FIX ID; the value of tag 49 in a FIX message.
tag_map_class String A tag mapping data group name. This must name an existing data group. The data group must be of integer type; it can be internal or external.

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