Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.5.0
Imports/installs the specified pkcs12 (Public Key Cryptography Standard #12) information from the given files. This includes keys and certificates, and each file is optionally password-encrypted. The user can select security type for the key.


    in ManagementModeType mode,
    in String [] ids,
    in String [] file_names,
    in String [] passwords,
    in SecurityType security,
    in String [] key_passwords,
    in boolean overwrite


Parameter Type Description
mode ManagementModeType The key/cert management mode.
ids String [] The string identifications of the keys & certificates to import/install.
file_names String [] The files from which to import.
passwords String [] The passwords associated with the specified files (empty string means no password).
security SecurityType The security type of the installed key.
key_passwords String [] The passwords that should be used to encrypt the installed keys. ‘security’ parameter should be set to ‘STYPE_PASSWORD’ when specifying key password.
overwrite boolean The boolean indicating whether we should overwrite the key & certificate files on disk if they existed. If this parameter is false, and the files already exist, then a “Would overwrite” exception will be generated.

Return Type

Type Description


Exception Description
Common::AccessDenied Raised if the client credentials are not valid.
Common::InvalidArgument Raised if one of the arguments is invalid.
Common::OperationFailed Raised if an operation error occurs.

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Sample Code

Known Issues

There appears to be a bug in 11.5.x where this returns: Internal Error; connection not set and no session from which to get it For now if you don’t need to set SecurityType, use Management::KeyCertificate::pkcs12_import_from_file instead

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