Introduced : BIG-IP_v9.4.0
Attempts to acquire lock with specified name for specified number of seconds. These locks can be used to synchronize work of multiple clients working with this device. This call returns immediately.


boolean acquire_lock(
    in String lock_name,
    in long duration_sec,
    in String comment


Parameter Type Description
lock_name String Name of the lock. It can be arbitrary name, the lock is identified by this name.
duration_sec long Time for how long the system should keep the lock. The lock will be automatically released when duration time is over.
comment String Additional user oriented information about this lock.

Return Type

Type Description
boolean true if lock was successfully acquired, false otherwise.


Exception Description
Common::AccessDenied Raised if the client credentials are not valid.
Common::InvalidArgument Raised if one of the arguments is invalid.
Common::OperationFailed Raised if an operation error occurs.

See Also


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Sample Code

  • Ps Icontrol Concurrency - This sample application will illustrate how to use the locking mechanisms in iControl to allow you to create a multi-threaded iControl application.

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