Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.0.0
A list of vCMP guest states. The system will take actions appropriate to the state requested as shown below. (The system additionally has a status reflecting the progress and results of such actions). Note that moving from the configured state to the deployed state implies the actions that occur in the provisioned state. To shut down a guest&aposs virtual BIG-IPs without de-allocating its hardware resources, move the vCMP guest from the deployed state to the provisioned state. Moving a guest to the configured state causes its hardware resources to be de-allocated. However, doing so does not cause the guest&aposs virtual disks to be deleted. They persist on disk and are re-used when the vCMP guest moves out of the configured state.







Guest state is unknown (or is unsupported by iControl).



Guest exists as a configuration object, but has no hardware resources allocated to it and has no VMs running.



Guest has hardware resources allocated but no VMs running. A virtual disk will be created and the initial software image will be installed.



Guest has hardware resources and should have VMs running. The system tries to launch and keep running any VMs belonging to vCMP guests in the deployed state.

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