Introduced : BIG-IP_v11.0.0
Gets the completion status for the specified guests. The completion status allows you to query the status of a vCMP guest after a state change (see set_guest_state). The system initiates actions to complete a state change, and you can use this method to monitor the change and determine when the change is complete. When checking on completion status, you&aposll get a structure with a number of fields, as detailed in VCMPCompletionStatus. You will get back one list of structures for each vCMP specified, one structure for each slot allocated for the vCMP (depending on your slot allocation setting; if you choose VCMP_SLOT_ALLOCATION_SINGLE there will be just one record at most in the returned data). You can query the Cluster interface to find structural information regarding, for example, how many slots, therefore how many structures to expect. The state in the return value is likely the state you requested for the vCMP guest, but the state could have been set independently. Accordingly, when you poll for status you should check first that this matches what you set. For example, if you asked for the vCMP guest to be provisioned, is the status you are getting back for that request, or did someone else ask for it to be deployed in the meantime? The boolean field “done” indicates whether changes necessary to achieve the desired state are complete, i.e., have reached a “final” status, which allows you to determine in a general way whether you should continue polling for completion. The status field may go through a number of changes as the vCMP processing happens. The comment string gives text-oriented details relevant to the current status, such as reason for failure or percent complete while installing. This is informational and should not be used programmatically.


VCMPCompletionStatus [] [] get_completion_status(
    in String [] guests


Parameter Type Description
guests String [] A list of vCMP guests.

Return Type

Type Description
VCMPCompletionStatus [] [] Completion status for the vCMP guests, one list for each vCMP guest given, where each element gives status for one slot where the vCMP has presence.


Exception Description
Common::AccessDenied Raised if the client credentials are not valid.
Common::InvalidArgument Raised if one of the arguments is invalid.
Common::OperationFailed Raised if an operation error occurs.

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