This command can be used to either set or return the value of a perflow variable that has been set inside the Access Per-Request Policy that is being run.


ACCESS::perflow get KEY
# v13+
ACCESS::perflow set <perflow.custom | perflow.scratchpad> <value>

ACCESS::perflow get KEY

  • return the value of any perflow variable that has already been set. A perflow variable with no value set will return an empty string. An invalid perflow variable name will give a connection reset.

ACCESS::perflow set <perflow.custom | perflow.scratchpad> <value>

  • set the value of the custom perflow variable. Currently the only perflow variables that can be set are “perflow.custom” and “perflow.scratchpad”. All other variables will return a connection reset.


     set id [ACCESS::perflow get perflow.irule_agent_id]

     if { $id eq "irule_agent_one" } {
         log local0. "Made it to iRule agent in perrequest policy."
         ACCESS::perflow set perflow.custom "agent_one"

Change Log

  • Introduced: BIGIP-12.1.0
  • Enhanced: BIGIP-13.0.0

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