Enumerates the session IDs that belongs to a specified uuid key by the order of its creation and provides them in a Tcl list. By default, the uuid created by AAC is using the following format.
  • {profile_name}.{user_name}

However, the admin can manually override this by specifying their own uuid key via assigning that value to session.user.uuid session variable. This can be done via iRule using ACCESS::session data set session.user.uuid or via VPE using Variable Assignment Agent. The return value of ACCESS::uuid getsid is a Tcl list. When there is no session ID associated with that uuid key, it will return an empty list.


ACCESS::uuid getsid "{profile_name}.{user_name}"


    set apm_cookie_list [ ACCESS::uuid getsid "[PROFILE::access name].[HTTP::username]" ]
    log local0. "[PROFILE::access name].[HTTP::username] => session number [llength $apm_cookie_list]"
    for {set i 0} {$i < [llength $apm_cookie_list]} {incr i} {
        log local0. "MRHSession => [ lindex $apm_cookie_list $i]"

Jan 24 19<!--:36:03 local/tmm info tmm[23333]: Rule _test <HTTP_REQUEST>: simpleAD_withSSO.domain\lie => session number 1-->
Jan 24 19<!--:36:03 local/tmm info tmm[23333]: Rule _sys_APM_activesync <HTTP_REQUEST>: MRHSession => 51539106083c66c3926e3305d60addae-->